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Conference: 2014: Salt & Light
Title Speaker Date
Honor the King Stephen Baker July 12, 2014
Being Salt & Light Douglas Wilson July 12, 2014
The Weapons of Our Warfare Tim Bayly July 12, 2014
Sharp Arrows: Training our children to confess Christ Max Curell July 12, 2014
Breaking the Jaws of the Wicked: Confessing Christ in the public square Joseph Bayly July 12, 2014
Truth, Goodness, and Beauty: Confessing Christ through the arts Jody Killingsworth July 12, 2014
Storming Temples & Crushing Idols: Confessing Christ at the university Jacob Mentzel July 12, 2014
Who is My Neighbor? Confessing Christ on our block Lucas Weeks July 12, 2014
The Nations Rage Douglas Wilson July 11, 2014
Conference: 2014: Elders Who Rule Well
Title Speaker Date
You Cannot Do It Alone: Elders are a blessing Stephen Baker February 19, 2014
Fathers in God's House: Elders must be good fathers (David Max Curell) David Max Curell February 19, 2014
The Bond of Peace: Elders must keep the peace David Bayly February 19, 2014
Blood on Our Hands: Innocent of the blood of all men Timothy Bayly February 19, 2014
Conference: 2013: She is our Mother
Title Speaker Date
Joining Her Home: Baptism and Membership Jacob Mentzel July 6, 2013
Filling Her House: The Great Commission Jacob Mentzel July 6, 2013
Submitting to her Authority: Officers and Titus 2 Women Joseph Bayly July 6, 2013
Heeding Her Voice: The Preaching of God's Word Joseph Bayly July 6, 2013
Delighting in Her Children: Fellowship With God's People Lucas Weeks July 6, 2013
Building Her Up: Spiritual Gifts Lucas Weeks July 6, 2013
Feeding At Her Table: The Lord's Supper Andrew Halsey July 6, 2013
Honoring Her Discipline: Church Discipline Andrew Halsey July 6, 2013
Observing Her Sabbath: The Lord's Day Jody Killingsworth July 6, 2013
Keeping Her Decent: The Liturgy Jody Killingsworth July 6, 2013
The Mother of the Faithful David Max Curell July 6, 2013
The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against Her David Bayly July 6, 2013
You Shall Be My Witnesses Tim Bayly July 5, 2013
The Bridegroom and His Bride Stephen Baker July 5, 2013
Conference: 2013: Preach the Word
Title Speaker Date
Itching Ears Stephen Baker February 22, 2013
Men with Feet of Clay David Max Curell February 22, 2013
Who can Listen to It? Tim Bayly February 22, 2013
Q & A Panel February 22, 2013
Not Sent to Baptize David Bayly February 21, 2013
Conference: 2012: I Believe in God the Father
Title Speaker Date
Adopted by the Father Stephen Baker July 7, 2012
Seeing Fatherhood Everywhere David Max Curell July 7, 2012
Killing the Father Tim Bayly July 6, 2012
The Father and the Son David Bayly July 6, 2012
Conference: 2012: The Reformed Pastor
Title Speaker Date
Counseling as Pastoral Care Stephen Baker February 24, 2012
Discipline as Pastoral Care David Max Curell February 24, 2012
Preaching as Pastoral Care Tim Bayly February 24, 2012
The Need for Pastoral Care David Bayly February 23, 2012
Conference: 2011: The Great Commission
Title Speaker Date
Baptizing Them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit Joseph Bayly July 9, 2011
Teaching Them to Obey David Max Curell July 9, 2011
I Am with You Always David Bayly July 9, 2011
Go Therefore and Make Disciples Stephen Baker July 9, 2011
All Authority Tim Bayly July 8, 2011
Conference: 2010: In the Godly, Fear and Love Embrace
Title Speaker Date
Fear and Love Embrace in the Godly Stephen Baker July 10, 2010
Fear and Love Embrace in the Home Dr. Robert Forney July 10, 2010
Fear and Love Embrace in Worship Jody Killingsworth July 10, 2010
Fear and Love Embrace on the Cross David Max Curell July 9, 2010
Conference: 2009: Stand in the Gap
Title Speaker Date
Worship Wars Jody Killingsworth July 11, 2009